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Community Outreach

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Springfield Ballet’s Next Step community outreach program is designed to introduce elementary school children to the world of ballet. Our flagship school is Wilcox Elementary and is focused on 3rd grade students.

Introducing students with little or no previous exposure to ballet through history, vocabulary, and basic ballet movements is a great way to learn about the art form of dance.

Our hope is to inspire young people to learn to love the art form and to help them realize that dance and the arts can provide them with wonderful and rewarding careers if they choose to pursue it in the professional world.

Scholarships will be awarded to students that show exceptional potential and drive over the 4-week sessions that happen during the school year. These scholarships will provide a way for talented students to continue with classes on a more formal basis at the School of Springfield Ballet in downtown Springfield.

Next Step will nurture our youth and instill an appreciation of the arts and culture, both of which are vital to maintaining a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community.


For more information about Next Step and how you can support this outreach program, please contact

Adam Sage

Laketown Elementary School

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