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New Board Members

Being a board member of Springfield Ballet is a great way to get involved with our community. 

Supporting the arts in our community is essential to a thriving and vibrant city, contributing to both the culture and the economy of Springfield and surrounding areas.

We need people from all walks of life as part of our team, as diversity and inclusion are always at the forefront of Springfield Ballet's mission.

Join us today!

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Sponsor Springfield Ballet

Springfield Ballet can provide central Illinois with professional education and performances because of the support of local businesses and corporate sponsors. There are many opportunities for your business to partner with Springfield Ballet, from serving as a sponsor of one of our productions or community outreach programs to providing services to support the day-to-day operations of the company. Complete the contact form today, and a team member will contact you soon. We appreciate your interest in partnering with Springfield Ballet.

Join the Relevé Society!

The Springfield Ballet Company’s Relevé Society is a volunteer group of 25-30 community members whose goal is to support the growth of both the Company (SBC) and the School of Springfield Ballet (SSB).

SBC was founded in 1975 as an amateur civic ballet company. In 2022, the Board of Directors recognized that the time had come to expand the mission of SBC to a professional company producing professional productions to the community. With the hiring of Adam Sage as the Artistic Director, the Board approved the change in the company status to a professional ballet company, and the formation of the professional training component for SBC, the School of Springfield Ballet. Caitlin Helton Scherer was hired as Ballet Mistress, and the professional company is comprised of 15 professional dancers from around the globe.

The School of Springfield Ballet provides professional-quality training for dancers of all ages in a positive environment that encourages creativity, exploration, inclusiveness, confidence, and self-awareness. The mission of the school is to provide the opportunity for every child to dance, whether they are an aspiring professional or dance just because it brings them joy. 

Relevé Society members serve as ambassadors for SBC by promoting community awareness of the professional touring performances of SBC.  Members will assist with planning and/or hosting fundraising events that support the ongoing mission of SBC and the SSB. Relevé Society members will also have the opportunity to volunteer at productions, whether backstage in a behind-the-scenes capacity or assisting with merchandise sales at the front of the house.  Members understand the importance of, and are interested in, philanthropic endeavors that will enable SBC and SSB to move forward into the future with strong community support. 

It takes the incredible talent and skills of dozens of people for Springfield Ballet to provide professional performances and quality dance education throughout central Illinois. Springfield Ballet needs people from all walks of life so please hit the button and become a member of our team today.  

Springfield Ballet Pointe Shoe Fund

One of the easiest ways to support Springfield Ballet is by making a contribution to the

Springfield Ballet Pointe Shoe Fund!

Pointe shoes are an essential tool used by the  professional dancers of Springfield Ballet on a daily basis.


Pointe shoes are custom made by hand, cost $100 - $180 per pair and a dancer typically goes through a dozen pairs per season.

Please consider making a donation to our Pointe Shoe Fund to keep Springfield Ballet dancers on their toes.

SBC Poine Shoe Fund
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